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kunsthaus graz
a museum for contemporary art in graz

about this web site in 2000 the london-based architects spacelab won the competition for a new museum for contemporary art in graz, austria. they proposed a transparent, bluish, organic shell that looked like a hovering piece of jelly. it seemed doubtful that something like this was possible, but the city insisted to finish it by the end of the year of 2003 - graz would hold the prestigious title of a 'cultural capital of europe' for that year.
but it was finally built in time - 5000 sq m made of steel, foamglass and acrylics, following an arbitrarily curved surface.
as a member of the core planning team (from apr 2001 until completion in nov 2003) it was my task to coordinate the geometry of all the building elements that were part of the shell.

the following pages are focused around a few specific considerations concerning the design process. should you be interested in a general introduction to the project please see the links on the credits page.